Poem 30

music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G93JM32wM-w



Fate and old traditions

brought them together

but war the world created

tore them from one another.

He was beaten to the ground,

no hope, no thought,

never knowing if the sight of her

would enter his eyes again.

The last image embedded

into the insides of his eyelids,

no need for faded photos

to be lost in the wind.

She was faithful

to the promise they had made,

even when the evil

entered her restless mind.

The sound of his voice,

the feel of his lips against hers,

always seemed so fresh,

as if it were only yesterday.

Fate and old traditions

brought them together,

but time the world gave

began to dwindle down.

Of focused mind,

there was chance to take

back the life that he

had almost lost.

Of unwavering heart,

there was life to live

in fullfillment

at least this once.

Of old age,

and of broken heart,

they followed each other

to life beyond the world.

An older couple holding hands


note: My mom was “adopted” by her father’s brother and wife. When her adoptive mother died, it was a pretty harsh blow to our extensive family. And a year after, her husband followed.

Their love story still amazes me today. He was sent to fight in a war not his own, given the chance to live life in the United States, but he rejected it. Because of old traditions, of engagements, they found each other. And they lived for years with a life full of love for one another. Her death broke his heart and a year later, he followed.

You never think that this will happen to you or anyone close to you. It’s easy to believe in movies, but they’re are so much more sweeter in real life.

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