Poem 29


 Seconds Pass By

There was laughter and there was us,

and parents often made a fuss.

But we were friends,

and now we’re tense.

We say greetings we never mean,

sit across the room

to keep rumors at bay.

It was the start of our younger years,

that everyone often cheers.

You were well-liked and I, amiable,

but, never as capable.

The frown forever etched,

the costume you never took off,

I knew it all.

It was quiet and peaceful,

and so often, it felt blissful.

We stood on different land,

and never hand in hand.

There was understanding

and the listening,

but you and I, we never hear.

Every moment,

I was broken,

taken for a ride,

by my own pride.


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  1. […] I’m going to place him over Robert and Sunday Guy, Rhett. Why, because there’s something wonderful about an innocent love. He is Shuffle. and we’ll always be the two of us. The great thing about my friendship with him is that I get to grow to be the person I want to be and I don’t feel the least bit worried he’ll look at me any differently for he’s changing too. He’s not just the boy next door who was shorter than me or the boy who sat by the window for hours. He’s the guy I can say ‘hi’ to and actually feel like I’m happy to seem him. He welcomes me for me, whatever that may be. He was also Poem 29 Seconds Pass By. […]

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