Poem 27

The Moment Some things are supposed to be easier with the help of destiny and the what-nots of fate. Karma was supposed to secure the happenings. Put out good and receive good. That’s how it was expected. The good things should roll in like good things roll out from the palms of my hand. But they don’t. Suddenly, I have to work hard for what I want to happen because giving and never receiving wasn’t enough to fulfill a selfish wish. And it’s not like I particularly want this and that I like complaining about the things I don’t have because I don’t really care for the moment he reaches out his hand to finally shake mine. I don’t want our eyes to meet for that one second as opposed to never seeing each other. It’s not like these chances will just disappear so suddenly that I can’t catch up to them anymore. I don’t expect that happy ending like in a fairy tale story made by Disney, no, I just wish for a little adventure, change in the daily routine I carry out. I just want to make memories that I can recall back to and reminisce and repeat like a song stuck in my head. I just want another moment to add to the list and never forget.

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