How They Never Met

She sits unquestionably at the balcony with family,
surrounded by strangers because she didn’t like
conversing with others within a sacred home.

He’ll sit at the back, shoulder to shoulder with his dad
and when time comes, he’d walk down the aisle
focused as one could ever be when facing God.

When time comes, she remains standing,
smiling when she sees him walking down a familiar path,
then waiting for that fateful moment of connection.

It’s when he turns the corner that the world seems to stop
and he’ll look around, then he’ll look up as if in search
until he finds what it is he was really eyeing for.

The way she wants him to see her, it’s different
from the usual, every day, routine of faking a smile.

The way he looks when he’s guarded, it’s different
from when he’s left his emotions unprotected.

Her eyes beam just by seeing him,
and it makes her day- no her week, brighter,
better than it normally would be.

His eyes are clouded, often with malice
that only he could understand and explain
if only someone where to ask him about it.

She would, if she had the guts to approach,
but the sight of him is a blessing on its own.

He wishes she would ask, just even once
or at least, give him the time of day.

She looks away when their eyes meet
for a quick and fleeting second,
embarrassed from head to toe.

He watches her turn her head, to pretend
as if she hadn’t been looking right at him
and he does the same, out of pride.

She lets the time pass by, and wait
until the whole thing has ended
before searching for his face again.

He’s gone before she comes down
and secretly, he wishes they’d hurry up
so that they could accidentally meet.

She reaches the outside
and she’s hurrying, but she doesn’t know
that she’s desperate to see him.

He’s walked across the street,
but he finds himself turning more than once
and more than twice in search of her.

She’ll be standing by the light,
hastily pressing on the button
so that she can go to him.

He slows down, falling a step behind
and praying, actually praying
for the light to turn green for her.

She crosses and he sighs,
both in a slump for again this Sunday,
they had waited too long.


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