Poem 21

Can You Hear Me? I kind of want to whisper just to see if God can hear me because I’ve prayed so much thinking that he could but my prayers aren’t said aloud and so maybe he can’t hear my heart nor my mind and that I should speak rather than think the words and feel them. People always tell me that I’ve got to plead to him like I depended on the answers that he would never gives but I don’t think that’s the case at all like why do I have to always ask for what I could work for or why can’t I just pray to thank him for the things I already have and people tell me I could do that …which I do, but wouldn’t it be okay to just ask at least once in a while when I’ll be able to fall in love or when he thinks I’ll be ready to meet that soul mate that I truly believe he created just for me? And they tell me how it’s okay to question the time and that one day I’ll finally meet him, but they’re not God, so how do they know if someone was actually created to complete me or for the most part, what I actually wish for is for someone to tell me, I’m already complete and I don’t ┬áneed anyone to make me feel whole, but myself and then I’ll know they’re my better half of course. If that were the case then I’d know that God can definitely hear because there would be my answer just right in front of me. &velajune

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