Poem 16

Ruined Pursed lips, distant eyes, soft curls, framing your face. Dainty hands, quiet steps, quick smiles, and it’s all you. Against the wall, I’d push you, cup your chin and force a kiss. Deepened by my own sheer will and your consent to be mine. You’re careful to hold on, to never let go and I don’t understand. Red stains on my hands, tainted and harsh. Dark irises, lips that lie, like an impulse, a habit. Brown eyes, so innocent, too honest and I fear you. I unravel the mysteries, and you answer my questions. Lips chapped, chest breathing, long sighs and hot breath. Rash reactions, to your quick wits, another kiss, much sweeter. Slow thinking, you linger on, and I’m unable, to move away. Brushed back hair, shallow eyes, meaningless smirk, and a quick goodbye. Closed eyes, tears forced back, quivering lips, etched on your face. Like sacred temples, trampled by thieves, I’ve stolen your first, and ruined you.

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