Poem 14

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Our Hearts Hear Well

We speak of forever like there’s nothing in the world that could stop us.

Reality will strike, and we all knew it too well.

Each of us have had things taken from us at such young ages.

Innocence was lost in us.

We were broken individually and gladly, together, we felt quite whole.

There’s no regretting that our dreams were all one in the same at some point.

We’re each a reminder of how far we can go.

Strength in number they would often teach us.

And it’s what we stuck to, our philosophy.

We are the family that we each didn’t have and can have.

Our words and touches are the most comforting.

We were quite the individuals.

They tell us that our love is twisted.

That this drama between everyone of us is hurtful.

It seemed just fine.

We were everything.

Our days never went by without each other’s company.

Friendship was the best thing we could ever have.

And we never stopped believing in the great things we could achieve.

We aren’t the broken ones.

We became stronger than anyone else thought we could be.

Our hearts were one in the same.

We loved.

There was nothing that could come between us.

No one could ever create a rift…

A rift so large that we are all torn apart.

But reality will strike and things will become just as they are now.

Hands pulled away,

Hearts closed to possibilities,

Minds too prejudiced to hear anything.

We are too tired.

No one could ever tear as from each other.

We created this to its fullest.

But wait  “just a second, we’re not broken, just bent and we can learn to love again.”

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