Poem 07

Brown M&Ms

We were nothing, but names
written in the heavens above.
The clouds carry our history
publishing memories of us.

It starts off
In a language we often speak
from a far away land that no one knew.
Beyond the castle of white
and meadow of yellow,
You told stories of people
we held close to our hearts.

We’d open bags of m&m’s,
You took the colored
while I took the browns.

You were more than a confidant,
a faerie of the Earth
and in the language we knew
a brother You became.

We were the closest of non siblings
We were a promise,
restrained not by our blood.

Your wings of rainbow after the rain
was captured by smiles
all over the world.

The flute You held tight,
to make music resound
in the ears of people
bound by their blood,
is now lost beyond time
the meadow of yellow
surrounding the castle of white.

This was an ode
when the process began.
With Your weightless feet
and feather-like stance,
You drifted away
like the faerie You are.

Mother Earth didn’t call,
didn’t make a small fuss
when You landed here
just to hold my small hand.

But You flew to the highest
point in this world,
to the tip of a tree
called the Father of Oaks.

Make no mistkae
You then spoke to me
As You grabbed for the bag
we had opened together,
You took the colored
into Your hands
shoved them down
to the dirt below.

You took my brown ones
and left me with none.
You took it all.

© since 2011/2012

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