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November Thoughts | Artist Vlog | Successful Turnout

Another vlog means another end of a month. This time, I officially say goodbye to a good month, November.

This month, I set out to accomplish a number of things.

  1. Join Folktale Week
  2. Join Huevember and Nomvember
  3. Possibly have a piece for NaNoWriMo
  4. Continue drafting my comic
  5. Have videos for YouTube

The fifth goal is a bit of every week, every month goal and I like to remind myself of this because I haven’t gotten to the habit of regularly creating them.

I can happily say that I accomplished every one of my goals this month without having some sort of mental breakdown or mental block which often happens to me.

If you’re new to my blogs, you can find out more about the mental struggles I go through here. I’ve put them all into a category you can peruse.

Continuing with the topic of November, I first began the month by going through plans for my Huevember/Nomvember challenge and came up with the idea focused on my novel Listening to Georgiana. And when that idea came to mind, I realized that I could do something NaNoWriMo related as well. I knew I wouldn’t have the time to actually accomplish 50,000 words and writing short stories would be a great compromise for me.

So, the project became this: 

The real challenge was being able to incorporate each part seamlessly. Strangely enough, the ideas came easily to me. I was able to sketch out the four pieces I would be doing. Deciding that there was no way I could do an everyday post like for Inktober. I wouldn’t want to put myself in that position again. 

You can check out all four posts here…

Steeping Tea (with Abigail)

This uses Red Orange as the Hue of the week and the piece has a big focus on tea making.

(Georgiana’s Stash of) Dark Chocolate

The color for this piece is Purple/Violet with dark chocolate as the hue.

(Sebastian and) Coffee

For Seb, I used Light Blue and for his “nom”, I put in coffee. Coffee plays a big role in my novel.

Sandwich (by Alexander)

Lastly is the hue Yellow Green and for Alex, I went for a sandwich because I had a great metaphor for it.

And while I was creating the second piece for that challenge, I was also tackling Folktale week which I didn’t make a post about but in the vlog I talk about it. SO, without further ado… here’s the video!

As for the last two goals, I was able to accomplish them but definitely at my own pace. I was only able to do 3 Friday videos but considering the amount of artwork I was pushing out, I feel pretty good with the 3 I made. For TBS or The Bird Song comic, I feel that I could’ve done better.

The only thing I really accomplished was working through the idea in my head and starting on these babies:

For this month, December- here are my goals.

  1. finish november paintings
  2. edit website
  3. open store
  4. finish drafting the bird song comic
  5. complete logo commission

Yes. My store is open! Go check out the onsite shoppe or my Redbubble Shoppe.

I’ll see you guys on my next post.

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