Personal Updates

it isn’t in writing that i am often at a standpoint

Or in creating art for that matter.

But what is life without the struggles?

It’s interesting to note, I am a far more calm person nowadays than I was, say some months ago and even more so in comparison to my 23-year-old self. I still have difficulties containing all of my anger but I’d say that I am more patient and understanding of the situations occurring around and to me. That said, it’s a bit saddening that even after the ten years of writing my novel, Listening to Georgiana, I couldn’t afford the editor. Also important to note is, I didn’t plan on spending money for my novel. It never registered in my head that when I finished writing that there would be people who would want to read it. I never imagined I would go looking for an editor because I wanted the best for Georgiana. I knew I was attached. Of course, I am. She is my alter ego. The novel is the story of what my life has been, my journey. When money presents itself in the equation of my life, I’m often unable to move forward. I’m hoping that 2018 will be a different matter. I’ve already come across a few shortcomings because of money and it’s only been what, seven days since the new year began? I can do this. I will keep trying. I will save up. I will invest. I will be able to do this. I am far more capable mentally and emotionally than I was two years ago in handling setbacks. I can do this.

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