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i’m not closing the doors

to this blog. It’s where I dump unadulterated feelings and a very good medium for me to just let out any unrefined thoughts about how to go about my journey in life. That said, I’m really looking forward to incorporating my writing and art together. I’m making a new site. Floral1-T It’s called “June Adupe” where I get to gush about my art, other people’s art, and write… a lot. I want to write about my life from the start and I want to recap my journey. (Mostly, I want to include Georgiana into my art. There, I said it.) I’ll still be posting my poetry here though and my short stories. I feel they have a home here and here is where they belong. I will be linking this personal blog to my “business” one. (Unfortunately, I don’t make a stable income to actually afford the domain… even though it’s $8 a month. My life is just too unstable, ya know.) Regardless, I am thankful for the here-and-there freelance jobs I’ve been getting. Currently, I have like some strange happenings to my right arm and occasionally my left and it’s been really tough even just picking up a pen, let alone drawing. Typing is even a painful activity which means, I’m ending this soon. lol I’ve been debating a lot about how to approach my art and never finding the right solution, one that I’m satisfied with. This website/new home is something I’ve had for a few years now. As you may know, I created the Wix one. The novelty of “pretty” fades fast, also something you know I get tired of and isn’t something I hold too highly (a reference to my “pretty” rant). And I just love WordPress. I’ve used it for years and am accustomed to it. There’s a built-in community I’m familiar with and just about everything I want is here. So, why didn’t I use it before? LOL Anxiety, really. I will be now, so there’s that. When things are up and running, know that I will be shamelessly plugging.   I hope your week has been going well. Comment below if you’ve ever contemplated something that’s taken years for you to make a decision on.

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