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I finished, now what?

georgianaI’ve spent over a decade of my life with Georgiana Mendoza, who used to be Rheanne Andrews. This story inspired by the real events of my life has finally come to its ending—sort of. I recently finished the first installment of Georgiana’s life struggles. I finished, now what? I’m not really sure where to go from here. I’d like to edit the book and add some details I may have over looked while in my writing process but what do I do after that? I’d like to have it published and that’s going to take some researching, isn’t it? I’d also obviously like another set of eyes for it… I’m thinking of getting into contact with a close friend who graduated with an English degree. Is that wise? One of the things I decided on about this book was to not publish under my real name because it’s so drastically different from my art, which is semi-bubbly and cute whereas this book is sort of dark and heavy. I’d also like to make an official cover… something similar to what I have now but legally mine, so to speak. I wonder if it’ll be well received… well, I’m not there yet. No need to think of that just yet… right?

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