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how to grow up

I don’t have a saying or a wise introduction. Nothing dramatic. Just, here’s how to grow up. avery and georgie 001 In my family, growing up was always different from maturing. Maturing was becoming an adult at an age of a teen (my sisters). It was about not pointing at what we want at the age of eight (my brother). It was about keeping to ourselves, wishing only to have what we want- a chocolate bar. It was about having good manners and being expected to be at our best behavior at age four (me). It was about never having a true childhood while growing up was searching for our independence. It was about making our own decisions for our lives. It was about doing laundry on our own time and pace. It was about whether we can keep our computers plugged in or not. It was about when can we finally set our own curfew. It was about being able to control our diet. And today is the day I learned the difference between the two. I finally understood completely why at this moment in time, my siblings are in the same situation I was in when I first started my journey. We’re all looking to live our lives in different directions and it can’t be together all the time. So, we grow up. I believe, for the bigger part of this conversation, it’ll be my parents who grow up the most with a lot of maturing along the way. It’ll be about reacting like an adult. It’s about not placing their expectations and needs over their child’s expectations and needs for themselves. It’s about being understanding to the wishes we’ve long wished for- a chocolate bar. LOL. It’ll be about having good manners and being at their best behavior. And maturing? It’ll be about being able to let go of all the control they ever had on us. They’ve done it before… somewhat with the eldest. What’s one more for the second eldest? And then later for me? And when my brother’s ready, him too. Growing up is accepting that not all things will remain the same while maturing is knowing that change will happen.

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