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Would you read my musings still if I moved?

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I’m often afraid. I’m often afraid that no one reads my ramblings but when the fear subsides, I’m actually relieved to have a platform to rant and get wild. I am going to learn how to transfer this blog to the site I’m working on because I simply don’t want to rewrite certain posts. I think they’re fine as they are. I’m not really looking to be able to start from 0 so to speak. I only really want to combine my two passions and I find this is the right way to do it. With that said, I’m looking forward to reading aloud one of my favorite stories I’ve ever written for my next video. I’m hyping myself by writing this post. Haha What story am I talking about though? I’m talking about Story 02 – For Always. If you would like to read it, go ahead. I’ll also be reading an excerpt from my novel Listening to Georgiana (first two chapters available on Wattpad.) I don’t know if I’ll keep updating there atm. I’m swamped with other things so, first two chapters for the time being. So many great things happening in my life and at times, I get impatient that things aren’t moving fast enough. Other times, I’m so overwhelmed by the good things that I stress out. I still have so much to worry about as a technically jobless 26-year-old striving to become an entrepreneur BUT when I think about the other blessings in my life, it reminds me that I don’t work for money. I work for passion and love. I’m motivated by dedication and enjoyment. (I do feel really bad for my family for picking up the slack though. That always gets to me.) If I’m unable to move this entire blog, I might rewrite certain posts to other blog and it would also mean dropping this blog. I would have to end it in some way which isn’t a first for me but I’ve enjoyed every bit of my writing here and would be sad to let them go. That’s all. Basically, please keep reading even if I move. Knowing that there are people who listen, read, and maybe learn or get something from my words really helps with the journey.

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  1. There’s lots of help on WP to assist you in moving the blog. It’s an export / import thing… keep your passion going, help the family any way you can 😉

    1. The tutorials/articles WP had were great help. I’ve successfully moved all my stuff though I’ve yet to officially say goodbye to the older blog.

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