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Here’s an update on me.

Let’s talk about my projects: Both projects revolve around me in my 20s and the struggles that I continue to go through with little understanding. images (3)Bleu Clair Belle or BCB used to be a part of the series Fall Asleep, Serenade. Then it became This Time Around or TTA.  It’s lived a long life of ideas floating around and first drafts, but I’m finally able to just write it. I took out a lot of what glamorized the story, but I think I finally get to write it which is way better. BCB comes from here, a failed attempt by me and a few former very close friends of mine. Though the story began as inspired by all friends, I am dedicating the book to those few and a new few. Anyway, I am officially unofficially publishing my book at booktrack. For some it is already available, for others, you may need to wait. There will currently be 2 chapters. It’s still in its working stages and it will have a lot of errors, but I thought it would be a good practice to finish stuff this year. tumblr_mhlqv4xpR71r19yg4o1_1280 As for Le Cirque d’Etoilles, that I will be officially be publishing when I’m done with it. For the meantime, on June 1st, I will be publishing a chapbook that encompasses my 23 years of living. I will be selling it on Etsy or Lulu, so do look forward to that as I will be. This includes art pieces and I am also thinking of selling a book of just art. I might even pick up photography, a hobby I used to be very attached to. Other things: I’m also thinking of publishing my dreams into a story. This project will be in the works for a long while, but I thought I’d mention it.

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