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tumblr_njeq381o5i1s7c29to1_1280 My sister got a new job and leaving the job she’s been working at since 2011. She has a great relationship with the owner of the bakery. They’ve been on good terms since the beginning and until the end. As you know, I’ve been looking for a job and miserably failing. The thing is, I’ve never wanted to work with food so I’ve never applied in the food industry at all. I know that I can’t deal with the heat, the stress, and my unsanitary tendencies- ie licking my fingers especially when it deals with sweets- just don’t match well. Even at home, despite my enjoyment of cooking and baking, I’m constantly having to check myself but because it’s family, I don’t feel too bad. My sister’s offering me the job she’s leaving. The money and experience are very enticing. Not only that, I’d feel so much better helping my mom around, financially that is. Yet, despite this urge to say yes to the job being handed to me after all the rejections I’ve had the entire year, I’m seriously questioning if I should. Maybe when I started job searching and this came up, I would’ve said yes immediately. Or maybe not. I know myself enough to be sure that I don’t do well with food. I don’t do well with heat. It’s an anger trigger. I know I’m listing more cons than pros but it’s a lot like when I debated dropping out. Dropping out? Woah. I’ve never seen me leaving school as dropping out but it’s been a year since I stopped and I haven’t gone back. So, even though I have dreams of getting a degree, I guess, I have to call it that. Anyway, this job question is like the school question. Money is important but I know that in my heart, money isn’t a drive for me. It would be nice to have it but what am I compromising?

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  1. I went years before admitting that leaving college was dropping out. Especially the way I did it … Blew off my last semester completely. At least it was my own money! You have to decide what level you are comfortable living at to say that money isn’t everything. I assume you are living with your mom. Does she like her job, or do it because she has too? I must admit I worked making donuts once and lasted two nights, even though I worked in the food business back then. You might be a great cake decorator? There are worse things than heat, but you have to feel ok at it. For me smell matters a lot. There are places I couldn’t work because of it. Would doing this still allow you time to be creative? Often it takes time for creative work to pay off, hence all the waiters and waitresses off Broadway and in Hollywood. Do what feels best, talk to your mom. Maybe she’s ok, and wants you to do the right thing … Be creative, you are very good at that!

    1. The thing is, she wants me to take it and so does my dad. My sister insists I can do it. It’s not really a matter if I can or can’t but rather if I want to or not. That job was like a black hole to her. She couldn’t leave it. It made her less confident and twice as recluse as when she first started. The only reason why she’s moving on now is because I’d gotten to her. I pushed her to going back to school and work on getting that masters degree she’s been wanting. Her pursuit for that degree led her to apply for more jobs so that she could pay for school. That in turn gave her the confidence she needed to leave. Sure, we’re different people but I already have a bit of what I want. Do I think I’ll still have the time to be creative? I’m not sure. That bakery is corporate. My old school was like that too and it sucked so much from me. Am I strong enough to go back into a similar world and come out still the me that I’ve come to love or be an even better person or just revert back? I don’t know.

      1. You cannot go in there knowing what you do about it. It is like swimming in an undertow. Of course they want you to take it. My father got me the job in the donut shop. I think you are very responsible, so continuing your search is just as appropriate as going into something that is toxic. Seek their support rather than conflict, be assertive, rather than aggressive. Let the black hole suck someone else in. I’m proud of how you raised your sister up, keep going, the universe has a place for your talent. As they say it will be in the last place you look! 😅

        1. I decided to accept the job for partly what you’ve said in this comment coincidentally or by fate. Another reason is that, there’s more to the world that I’ve yet to explore. If I want to expand my world, I have to open myself up again. I’m strong-er than I was a year ago. Let the black-hole someone else in. Lol!

          1. Good luck! You can always change you mind …

          2. Yeah, I could always do that.

          3. Please let us know how it goes … <3

          4. Most definitely!

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