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Job Interviews

So, here I am again updating you on my life through a bit of a rant and self-promotion. First of all, I’d just like to say that for the past two days before my interview this Wednesday, the 30th, I was in a slump of sorts. Depression got to me again and brought me to places I never wanted to return to since wanting to change as a person back in October. But I cried it out, wrote it in a letter, and I rode it knowing that better days were soon to return. I’d been applying to many many jobs and getting rejected by them one by one. Last week, also on a Wednesday, I got a message requesting an interview. It’s for an art instructor job. Great! Just where my passion lies- art and letting others experience art. It’s exactly the job I wanted to get a call back from. And this may sound sarcastic, but I was really happy. I even danced like no one was watching, which no one was. A lot of great things happened for me last week and I didn’t want sad Sunday and Monday to ruin that for me. So, I’m happy to say that I got over the slump quickly by letting it be and not forcing myself to get over it. I wouldn’t have chosen that path if I hadn’t gone through my journey this past 6 months. Woah. It’s been half a year already? That’s crazy. 6 months ago, I was this 23 year old, lost in the world, not knowing what she would do if she quit school for a while. I was this girl who cried in her sleep, frustrated with the world, with people, and with herself. Now, I’m 24, proud of how far I’ve come, and can’t wait to go through more in life. I can’t believe that it’s been 6 months. It’s been fast paced making it feel short, but still such a long time.
Digital Gallery
I fixed up my digital gallery for my interview. I have a physical art portfolio and my digital one. And I think, I’ve only gotten this far in life because I was able to pour out frustrations and happiness, both, through my writing and my art. I simply wanted to share a bit more of my success. If I can do it, so can anybody willing to change. I also started getting back to reading. 😉

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