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finding some clarity in japan

📷 by june

I found clarity in Japan. They say a long walk out in fresh air can do wonders for the mind and soul. Faithful to cliches, this was accurate during my vacation.

During my two week vacation in Japan, I experienced an expanse of weather changes. Honestly, I wasn’t the least bit annoyed by the cooler forecasts. Rather, I embraced the cold.

The rain was most welcome as I often find great inspiration on rainy days.
I was able to see snow for the very first time.

I think I embraced it so much so that upon returning, the warmer California weather became a tiny… a lot off-putting.

I’d always known I was more a winter child.

I’d also always known I want to someday live where summer is sparse. My dream home lies where fall and winter dress the world.

Despite the wide smile of seeing snow for the first time, I am definitely not prepared for Japan’s sort of winter.

I don’t think I could survive the negatives as I barely managed the low 30s. Practically dying at the 20s.

This was most true during our trip to Disney Sea, (the only one of its kind in Japan- in the world) wherein I made the grave mistake of wearing only two top and bottom layers.

It’s often that the brain cannot process the overall picture when being rushed. Such was the case when I got up that morning. I actually had the layers planned out when I packed. Like always, plans don’t pan out and people like me end up freezing the whole day through.

While I did buy an extra layer of an $80 jacket, there was no remedy to the ill-preparedness. I’d already spent the entire day freezing. The attempt to bundle-up for the last couple hours only mentally reassured me.

Luckily, I didn’t get too sick.

I did have to battle incessant headaches and tummy aches afterward.

Aside from the cool weather, we were lucky enough to still experience sunny days and saw the blossoming sakura.

We encountered the famous sakura all over our trip to Tokyo, Hakone, Yokohama, and Chiba. Each time, I slightly felt underwhelmed not because they weren’t beautiful but rather, I may have expected groves.

I suppose, instead of the word “expect” it was more like I wanted to see groves of sakura blooming. I completely understand how unrealistic that may be. It was after all a beginning to an end of winter and spring was a figment of thought.

Still, it was a joy to spot them here and there. It was nice to see the pink in a sea of greens and empty spaces.

📷  by hellokrizel

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