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tumblr_ojbwtt2axq1s30ko5o1_500 I just have too much stuff. I could say that they’re all important in my work and life but are they? I don’t have enough storage in my room and reluctant to buy storage. I have old journals and sketchbooks lying everywhere. There are boxes filled with crafting supplies and simple empty boxes to be crafted into something useful. Yet, those crafting supplies can’t help with crafting the empty boxes into useful storage. I have too much stuff! I have essays and short stories from high school stuffed into binders inside makeshift bookshelves. I have reference books I don’t flip through frequently enough. There is a mountain of novels and comics sitting around that I may read occasionally. My canvases are leaned against a wall, my drawing table, and stuffed inside boxes in my closet just waiting to be used. My computer chair is stacked high with clothes. There are bottles of paint in a black bag in my closet but the titanium whites are sitting with my sewing machine along with unboxed straight pins and an empty easel on the coffee table.   I’ve been reorganizing my room all throughout 2016 but somehow things increase in quantity, projects get finished but new ones get started, and the less space I find myself in. I’m not looking for a minimalistic life. I think, it’s a bit contradictory to my eclectic style but would it hurt to cut down my belongings? I clean my closet once every 2-3 months. I get rid of old unfit or unflattering clothes. I throw away papers bi-weekly. I try to see my floor but it disappears right after. I have too much stuff. I honestly do. My books have vacated into this nice hallway next to my room. They’re not even my entire collection but they’re eating up that hallway quickly. I know that part of it is not having proper storage. Everything is makeshift. Everything is cardboard but honestly, I’m not about to spend $50 for floating shelves. That’s an approximate, obviously. No matter the table space I still use a stool for my computer. I have a stepladder for miscellaneous things. Why? I have too much stuff! I’d really like to cut down my belongings but how do I do it? It’s not as simple as some of those decluttering instructions say. I have personal things in my room but I also have work things. They’re clashing. Not enough horizontal space. How do I go vertical? I need to figure out how to minimize my belongings so that I can feel at peace with my space and in the case that my cousin comes, I’d have cut down at my own time, my own choice. It’s time I asked myself important questions again… not that I’d ever stopped.

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