clichè meetings—chapter two

SandaraPark-PenshoppeThis story was previously published under the pen name, aira isane and is now published under vela june

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Chapter 2 Endless Flight

I patiently waited in line for my turn or as patiently as I could. I glanced around, wishing for Seunghyun to save me again. “Woah,” I said aloud after catching myself. Everyone in the terminal seemed to have heard me and stared without restraint. Great. Crazy girl over here, I thought. I waved an apology and everything returned to normal. Why had I thought of him anyway? I shrugged the thought away. “Miss.” A little boy tugged on my oversized shirt and I jumped in surprise. He and his mom looked at me pleadingly. I could just tell where this was going. “Could we possibly cut in front of you?” The woman held her son’s hand and waited for my answer. “Sure,” I replied in quick defeat. One after another, people, began to complain that I had let the two go before me. I didn’t have the energy to argue back, neither did I have the confidence. So, each and everyone behind me argued their way to the front and I was left stranded in the back. “Tough luck.” I scratched my head in frustration and turned around. “If you want to go ahead of me, feel free to do so,” I answered in exhaustion. It’s been at least an hour since I got here, and the worst thing, aside from right now, would be if my luggage got lost. “I didn’t want to,” they replied. I sighed in relief and looked at the person behind me, but what faced me was the button of his shirt. Man, this person was tall. “Oh, I see,” I nodded. Embarrassed that I had assumed the worst from this person, I bowed in apology and turned back around. “Sandara,” he laughed. My eyes grew wide from shock and quickly spun around to make sure it was him. Thank you, God, for bringing him here! “Ahaha, Seunghyun!” I laughed awkwardly. I must have looked like I was anticipating as a big smile splayed on my face after hearing my name come out from his mouth. Or just maybe, I looked like a creeper. I mentally smacked myself for being dumb about it. “What are you doing here?” I asked absentmindedly. “Same reason as you?” He riposted with a raised brow. “Ahaha, right!” I tried to laugh it off, the awkwardness that I just created, but sadly, it lingered. I cleared my throat and returned my attention to the line. Great… this line is taking forever! I complained in my head once more, as the uncomfortable atmosphere continued. I must escape this awkward situation! A slightly muffled laughter entered my ears. Seunghyun was suppressing himself from laughing at me, I just knew it. “Line is taking forever,” I blurted out. Quickly regretting, I slapped my hand over my mouth. Why must I act so weird around him? I kept screaming in my head. I could hear his incessant laughing and it was slowly getting to me. “Yah!” I shout at him. Again, I was making a fool of myself as everyone looked at me. Great… I could feel my face turn red as Seunghyun could no longer hold his laughter. “You’re too funny,” he managed to say between fits of laughter; his arms were wrapped around his waist. “Thanks…” I retorted. He shrugged at me and I did the same. After a while, the people lost interest in staring at me and went back to their own business. The line was shortening quicker than I had anticipated. “So,” I tried to start another conversation, but I realized, he was no longer listening, but was talking to someone behind him. “T.O.P. ?” A kid around my brother’s age came up just in front of me and started to scramble around looking for a pen and paper. “Can I get your autograph?” She had a big smile on her face. T.O.P.? where had I heard that before? I tried to recall, but even when I felt the memory come back to me, I was called on. “Next,” the man in the booth beckoned. I smiled to myself and shrugged it off. I didn’t bother to look behind me or to say good bye to him. Well, it wasn’t like we were going to meet again anyway. “Hey, Sandara, wait a minute!” My feet stopped without permission and for a moment, I actually started to anticipate for something. Something l e, a carpe diem kiss, but in the back of my mind, I knew that could never happen. “Yes?” I meekly smiled at Seunghyun, who looked out of breath despite the short, I mean super short run. Let’s just say, he really didn’t need to run. He looked confused, almost as if he, himself, again, didn’t know why he just called out to me. I giggled to myself and remembered the flight I just had. “Uhm…” He was looking for words and it seemed like he was having a hard time finding the right ones. “Seunghyun?” With a tap on his shoulder, he was brought back to reality. “When…” His husky voice trailed on. “I didn’t hear that, could you repeat what you just said?” My eyes locked with his and made things worse. The poor guy started sweating and looking even more adorably awkward. Adorable? Again, I mentally smacked myself. What was I thinking just now? “When can I-“ “Hey, look, everyone, it’s T.O.P.!” A few fan-looking-girls bombarded him as if on a queue. I shrugged at him and waved goodbye. T.O.P., as in Big Bang’s T.O.P.? I asked myself this over and over again. It was all out of coincidence. I nodded in agreement with myself. Well, I guess I was totally wrong. This wouldn’t be the last time I see him. I turn back around and see his eyes searching, possibly for me, but he could no longer see me as more fans crowded him. “At least, I had that one fated flight with him,” I mumbled and walked to the booth. “Sandara Park,” I told the lady, who’d replaced the man before, in the booth and handed her my passport. “Coming home, huh?” The lady said as she tried to make conversation. I only smiled and nodded. “Somewhat. I’m kinda here for business too.” I smiled again. “Well, good luck with that,” she replied to me. I turned around again before going through the gate. “See you soon, Seunghyun,” I whispered.  

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