clichè meetings—chapter one


This story was previously published under the pen name, aira isane and is now published under vela june

© 2011-2017 by vela june

all rights reserved.


Stars featured in this fan fiction has no relation to me. The events within the story are fictional. I do not own these people.

Chapter 1 Fated Flight

It was supposed to be an ordinary plane ride, where I panic to myself and try to drown out the fact that I’m on a plane in the first place. The difference with today’s plane ride was, I ended up with the seat at the end of the row. It wouldn’t be such a problem, really, if the stewardess would just keep that darn cart from hitting my elbow! I decided, by the second bump, I’d keep my arms as close to me as possible. I was on guard most of the time. The flight had just taken off, not even an hour has passed and I was already too scared and too in pain. I grumbled as I got hit again. How was she still reaching me! The guy beside me, whom I didn’t even notice because of all the troubles I’d been going through, tapped on my shoulder. “I’m a little claustrophobic. Is it possible to switch seats with you?” I looked at the poor guy and nodded as I took my purse. This was the difficult part… getting up while the plane is moving. “Uhm…” I was about to change my mind, but before I could he was already standing in the aisle. If he was standing out there, I really didn’t have to stand up for too long, I thought. Boy, was I grateful, this guy was sitting next to me. He’d taken one pain away and even sensed my fear. Great guy! As soon as he sat down, I saw him shut his eyes. “If you’ve got aerophobia, why the heck are you flying?” He mumbles. I chuckled as I tried to answer him. “I’m just flying back home after so long.” He opened one eye and responded, “You sure are brave then, to go back home and to fly a plane.” Again, I chuckled at his comment. He smirked at this. “How about you?” I relaxed, my head firmly rested on the back of the seat. I turned slightly to smell him. The seat’s fume was that of a man and sweet. I slightly leaned closer so that I could whiff the actual smell of the person. The smell penetrated all my senses and I too closed my eyes. Okay, I’m officially a creep, I thought. “Just flying.” He answers. I rubbed my eyes and slumped in my seat as the plane started to rumble. Great, I just totally remembered that I’m on a plane. Great… just great. “That scared huh.” He grabbed my hand that was clutched on the arm of the seat. I was too scared to even care what he did. He grabbed my hand clutched on the arm of the seat. I was too scared to even care what he did. “Just breathe.” He looked at me, but I couldn’t return the gesture. “Yah!,” he shouted, “look at me.” I’ll look for a second, I decided but as soon as I looked into his eyes, I couldn’t find it in myself to break away. His eyes looked like pools of water. They calmed my fast beating heart and churning stomach. I could feel the turbulence stopped, but still, he didn’t break his gaze. It wasn’t until the trolly rolled on his feet did he did break his gaze away. He let my hand go and checked his shoes. It didn’t seem like he’d been hurt badly. I heard him laugh to himself and watched him sit back down. He was too nice to me. “You knew, didn’t you?” I poked his shoulder and he slightly moved his shoulders away. I took it that he now realized what an idiot he is for saving and conversing with a stranger like myself. I sighed and faced forward, attempting to sleep my way back to Seoul. “I saw.” He scratched his head, probably contemplating why he answered. “Thanks,” I said in a quiet voice. I must have been a bother. “The name’s Seunghyun.” Again, he scratched his head. This guy made all the things he did seem like a dream or a lie. Now he chooses to be awkward with me? I could just smack the daylight out of him, but I didn’t. “I’m Sandara,” I giggled out on impulse. Besides our small conversation, the plane ride was as scary and as tiresome as the rest, but it was nevertheless my favorite plane ride.

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