clichè meetings—chapter four


This story was previously published under the pen name, aira isane and is now published under vela june

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Chapter 4 Bump

I sighed heavily as I claimed to know the guy. That settled it for everyone. I would return it. I just didn’t know when I could do it… not until I got to the set. The hardest part of the mission wasn’t arriving on time or the actual job. The most difficult thing I had to cope with was Choi, Seunghyun himself. At the moment of my arrival, my eyes quickly fixated itself on the back of Seunghyun. He held a seemingly normal conversation with someone I didn’t know. I didn’t know? Why do I care? I shook my whole body to wake myself and headed towards the entrance. Maybe, fate made a mistake and crossed two extremely different people together. Why complain? Seunghyun wasn’t a bad guy. He wasn’t even a bit sinful— in my eyes that is. But then again, why I do I care? Fate is most likely playing a trick on me or even testing me. Really. Falling for him is the worst thing that could happen. It’s one of the things I wouldn’t want to happen, in the off chance that I’ll become a permanent talent here. I was thinking too much and hadn’t noticed the pole in front of me. Of course, like usual, I turned into a fool rather than a poised and confident girl. Really, now. Why must he be so gosh darn hot? Hot? I shook my head and moved away from the pole, this time making sure not to hit anything else. Hopefully, no one had seen my clumsiness. “You doing okay?” I closed my eyes for fear it’s him. Unfortunately for me- or is it fortunate- that it was. Definitely him. I looked up and instantly saw his eyes. I gulped down my pride and smiled at him. It’s not his fault he’s so hot. I flinch at realizing what I had just thought. Stop running away, thoughts. Really, what was it about him that made me feel so off track? I agitatedly rubbed my cheeks while he stared at me, confused. I didn’t care. I was trying to get rid of my fast beating heart and my noodle-like legs. “Yeah, yeah,” I assured as I walked passed him. I don’t need this right now. Seriously, I have to concentrate on the job. “Welcome, Park Sandara.” The director, the rest of the staff and I got along well. The director, the rest of the staff and I got along well. Through out the beginning of the shoot, I realized I didn’t have to think much for now. My feelings for Seunghyun fit well for the music video— which I had no idea was what my job was until after arriving. Certainly, this is where my feelings began to bloom and over flow the pot in which I buried it in. Each scene made time crawl. Everything felt right. Each scene felt real. As if instead of not wanting to be in the same entertainment, I was a sick-dying girl. Our job now is what’s stopping me, but in the video, it was nature. So why? Why were we thrown together? Why did I have to meet him in such a way? Why on a plane? Why be so nice to me? A person like him, I fell in love with. I inhaled heavily in pain. Filming this was harder than I expected. The more we came closer to the end, the more I felt compelled to make things longer… but I didn’t. I let things play on its own. We acted. He acted. I fell in love. I hoped. I wished that the day would never end, yet it did. I stood next to the film director who replayed the scenes together. I watched myself smile, cry and felt a rush of emotions. I realized quickly how business and pleasure couldn’t mix. He was here to work. I was here to work. It wouldn’t be the last time I see him. I was now for sure. Despite this, now, I just wished that we didn’t have to cross paths again. “Hey, you did well.” He hovered over me, watching the same scene I was. “Yeah, you too. Good job.” I clung to the sweater with tightly gripped hands. “How long will it take…” I heard myself whisper. The director looked at me and answered. I couldn’t quite hear, as my heartbeat fastened more. He felt it and moved back, seconds later, moving closer to the director. I took this chance to walk to the dressing room. My work today was done. “Sandara!” He called out. Eagerly, I turned around. Though I felt like walking away, I couldn’t push aside the feeling of taking advantage of this time. Technically speaking, I wasn’t in YG Entertainment. Why should it matter what I did now? “Yes?” “Uh, good job,” he said. He scratches the back of his head, turned around and began to walk away. He scratched the back of his head, turned around and began to walk away. That was it. I didn’t have the courage to call for him and neither did he turn around. I must have stood on that same spot for more than half an hour because, by the time I came to, the set was already cleaned. “Sandara, is this yours?” One of the staff members walked up to me with a luggage I did recognize. It was mine and with it was a note saying, thanks for returning. Returning? Returning? Was that missing something, like thanks for returning the bag? I sighed and walked off. I was sure my mind and heart were running around without my consent. I didn’t know what I wanted to do after that. Somewhere between crashing into the same pole and dropping my luggage, I decided to call him— to look for him, but he was nowhere to be seen. Asking others made my business seem public. I wanted to work this out inconspicuously, as much as possible. In the back of my head, I knew he was gone, but I pushed on with my search. I had something I wanted to say. To tell him. I opted to walk past the monitors still playing and watched myself ‘die’. I stared at the eyes of the man who changed my whole perspective. If I can’t say it to the real person, might as well just say it to the man on the screen. I sat myself down and cleared my throat. “I think I li-“ “It turned out really well.” I shut my eyes, soaking in his voice in my memory. I answered with a simple mhmm. A small smile crept on my face, like a parasite the smile was. I couldn’t control it and it wouldn’t go away. I stood from my seat and brushed by him. “Let’s meet again, Seunghyun.”

The End

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