NaNoWriMo | Huevember Nomvember | Steeping Tea (a short story)

So, she decided to get to know the girl, to peel the mysteries off piece by piece so she too could yearn to live again.

She listened to Georgiana tell her stories about the failings of an older girl, the heartaches, the intangible pain, and watched the visible scars across the arms of an equally thin girl fade with time. Yet, they would always be there, Georgiana tells her.

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FF Short Story | TTOJ | to Theodore, to Bianca

short story based on the world of Harry Potter. au where the heroes and would-be villains are together.The Tale of Juniper related story. Theodore Nott didn’t say goodbye because… Bianca Dinapoli sort of knew… He still loves her. For Jen25’s ‘I Don’t Love You’ Challenge in HPFF warning! Contains Profanity, Substance Abuse, and Scenes of Mild …

Short Story | For Always

She looked at me from across the round table on the second floor of the library. She watched me continue to type. She waited for me to finish studying. She wasn’t attending school like she had planned. I was in college. She was unemployed. The bags under eyes mirrored that of my own, but deeper. Her eyes were dry and red. Everything about her seemed sickly. Ragged as she seemed, she still wore an ear to ear smile. She wore a long-sleeved shirt under a summer floral dress. And it was a habit. I showed her mine, and she showed hers.

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