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rebranding but not really

I’ve been thinking. Again. As always. Like all times, it’s about my writing and my art. I’ve been testing out a site for my art since the start of the year: this one. And honestly, there’s no community to build with there. It feels isolated. Certain things look really cool because of the different widgets

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how to grow up

I don’t have a saying or a wise introduction. Nothing dramatic. Just, here’s how to grow up. In my family, growing up was always different from maturing. Maturing was becoming an adult at an age of a teen (my sisters). It was about not pointing at what we want at the age of eight (my

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ginger the thief

Sounds like a pretty good story… except it’s not. It’s the hashtag I use to document a family pet’s habit of stealing my seat or distracting me from working. Her name was Ginger and she passed away this afternoon. Practically in my arms. She was an adorable mixed breed of Pomeranian and Chihuahua. She was

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