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rebranding but not really

I’ve been thinking. Again. As always. Like all times, it’s about my writing and my art. I’ve been testing out a site for my art since the start of the year: this one. And honestly, there’s no community to build with there. It feels isolated. Certain things look really cool because of the different widgets

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how to grow up

I don’t have a saying or a wise introduction. Nothing dramatic. Just, here’s how to grow up. In my family, growing up was always different from maturing. Maturing was becoming an adult at an age of a teen (my sisters). It was about not pointing at what we want at the age of eight (my

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I finished, now what?

I’ve spent over a decade of my life with Georgiana Mendoza, who used to be Rheanne Andrews. This story inspired by the real events of my life has finally come to its ending—sort of. I recently finished the first installment of Georgiana’s life struggles. I finished, now what? I’m not really sure where to go from here. I’d

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