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Sink — One

Nothing felt the same after fourth year for Hermione Granger. She saw more of life outside of her constant companions, books. Not the life of battles and constant brush with death. No, this was different. It started with a small crush that snowballed. Slowly, she fell in love with Ron. That love only grew as

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FF Short Story | TTOJ | to Theodore, to Bianca

short story based on the world of Harry Potter. au where the heroes and would-be villains are together.The Tale of Juniper related story. Theodore Nott didn’t say goodbye because… Bianca Dinapoli sort of knew… He still loves her. For Jen25’s ‘I Don’t Love You’ Challenge in HPFF warning! Contains Profanity, Substance Abuse, and Scenes of Mild

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TTOJ | Chapter One

Only a Dream The feminine body under the sheet squirmed, uncomfortable with the sudden cool air she didn’t expect to come with summer. Heck, she didn’t think she needed a thick blanket but there she was, curling into a ball to keep the warmth within her. A strange echoing sound finally woke Juniper up. Her

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