Bus Story 01


He was bruised.
Out of confidence.
He walked with a hunch.
The heavy bag slung over
His shoulders down.
They bumped.
He looked.
No words were said.
He received no apology.
He was bruised.


There was this one time during one of my bus rides when I noticed a dilapidated old man around his forties look gloomier than the weather. I’ve always loved cloudy days, but seeing made the world sad. He looked beaten and out of his element. And felt like was forgotten by life.

This segment of my blog is new. I will be sharing my bus stories and this was just one of them.

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    • junesketches Reply

      (you may notice I’ve moved…)

      Thanks so much for reading this story. I should really continue this series as I have them written in a journal collecting dust.

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