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chapter two As you already know, I’m focusing more on my personal projects. In particular, I’ve been scheduling posts for Bleu Clair Belle, most of them for this month. I decided to post the prologue, chapter one and chapter two in the same month because I’d already finished the prologue since December and had posted it already in the tumblr BCB. Same goes for chapter one since January. Chapter two was always meant for February. Due to some sudden realization, I’m pulling out the current chapters, but feel free to read other posts I’ve made on the site. I am trying to do a monthly update of any sorts, not just the chapters, so if you are looking for a read, check out Bleu Clair Belle, the chapters. I’d really appreciate some feedback. The biggest purpose of this project is to get me to constantly write and hopefully this will help me with being less procrastinating. image. happily ever after

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