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Jill owned her own antique shop, one that’s been passed on from generation to generation. She, unluckily, received it from her grandmother rather than her mom. Long story short, her mom along with her father left her. Left? Well, they didn’t exactly up and packed to go run away. They simply left, eyes closed and their bodies buried back from whence they came.

She often only put up things that would remind her of a fairy tale, a world in which she could run away to because her home reminded her too much of her lack-of-parents childhood.

She’s now 27, and the accident in which rendered her parent-less was a mere 12years ago. Mere? Well, really, it isn’t just merely 12 years. It’s just time passed by fast and she’s all grown up now, running her own business and all. But it isn’t a tragedy: to grow up without parents. It’s regretful, yes. Painful, yes. But she’s got her own family now, a daughter—two—and a loving husband.

She’s gotten her happily ever after, after all.

author’s note.

Surprisingly, I forgot all about this drabble. I wrote this back in August of 2011, I think. Crazy… I still keep finding old stuff. What’s the oldest thing you’ve written? This was originally posted on an old blog. I’m near decommissioning that blog and so decided to collect all my stuff. I’m collecting them all and forming them into a “drabbles” collection book.

You can check it all out here through this link: Drabbles and Rambles or head over to the pages links up above.

It was such a fun thing to do back then, drabbles and other quick writes. I came up with a lot of different ideas inspired by photos, songs, and life in general.

I may go back to it now that I’ve finished Georgiana and need the juices flowing again.

I’m sharing more of my writing and it’s truly getting me excited for what’s to come next.

I also have a Harry Potter Edition of Babble. It’s filled with about ten to eleven drabbles already. Most of them are Dramione inspired from when I was hardcore fan of the ship… Them days of my teenage years. Lol

It feels like such a long time ago but 2011 wasn’t that far from now… is it?

I sure have changed though.

You can also access HP Babble through the Drabbles and Rambles link or click on the image to be redirected directly to Wattpad!

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