LtoG Art + New Georgiana story

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I’ve been focusing a lot on my novel Listening to Georgiana and creating art for the novel. The art itself plays no real part to the story but I have been feeling continuously inspired by LtoG that my hand just starts moving. I end up creating artworks for it before I can even realize what I’m doing.

If you are interested in checking it out, it is available for everyone to see. And if you haven’t already read the five chapters up on Tapas, I also have a link below.

The gallery also contains a number of character profile I art I did on a whim.

New Project.

As for my new Georgiana Project, it will be called Lullabies for Georgie. I debated a lot as to what to call it. For a long time, it was Lullabies by Georgiana but as I continued to work on the story for it, it has developed in a way as a collection of memories that I now recall for my Georgiana Mendoza.

I hope that you all take a liking to it and follow it. There’s no need to read Listening to Georgiana to understand LfG.

More than just dreams, the stories will also contain thoughts and memories of Georgie. It precedes Listening to Georgiana and Georgie in most of the stories will be younger than 23 (which is the time when LtoG begins).

To give you all a taste of how it would look like:

I don’t particularly think I will stick to a chronological format aside from the first few chapters because I want to introduce young-Georgie properly.

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